Our primary concern is for the safety and wellness of our employees, crew, and customers. We are closely monitoring all updates during the COVID-19 outbreak and will do everything in our power to continue to provide top notch service while working remote.

Who We Are

Snow and Ice Management Company 

Founded by: Chuck Lantzman, President and CEO

Meet Chuck:

"I was 18 years old and anxious to graduate from High School.  The only thing standing in my way of graduating early was two elective courses. My one electives teacher had a small snow removal business.  We developed a bond and he hired me to do the snow removal for a local route.  He sold me an old Chevy 2500 truck with a manual transmission, snowplow, and tailgate salter.  If teaching myself how to drive a manual transmission and learning how to work a plow and salter was not hard enough, overloading the bed with a pallet of rock salt proved to be an added challenge. That winter I learned that I loved to plow snow.

One year later I bought my teacher’s business. During the Blizzard of ’93, I had over 30 snow accounts with just 2 subcontractors and 1 full-time employee to help.  My small team and I battled old man winter.  It was us vs. 24 inches of snowfall with 5-foot snow drifts.  My parents kept me above water by helping to run the call center.

The next 15 years brought many changes and challenges in several business ventures. In the spring of 2008, I connected with a well-respected leader in the snow industry who became my mentor.  I joined SIMA, and while attending their Symposium, I decided to focus all my attention on Snow…….and SNOW AND ICE MANAGEMENT CO of PA was born.  I came back home and began pounding the pavement.

My sales tripled that first winter. In 2009, due to customer demand I expanded my business to sell salt. In February 2010 we were faced with another blizzard, fighting 40 inches of snow over 8 days.  I ran the call center from the cab of my truck while plowing snow for 192 hours with an hour nap here and there.  When all was said and done, I was beyond exhausted.  My love for plowing snow pushed me through, but I realized if I was going to grow the company, I needed help."

Meet Snow and Ice Management Company:

Chuck hired his first Sales and Operation Manager and Office Staff soon after the blizzard of 2010.  The additional staff paid dividends as we landed our first large account which allowed us to expand across two additional states.  Over the next few years, we ventured into more states, began landing national level accounts, and our team started to grow.  The organization transformation was in full effect.

With growth comes the need for more resources.  In 2013, we moved into our current office on the North Side of Pittsburgh to allow for expansion of our business and staff.  In 2017, we hired a Director of Internal Operations and other full-time professionals in several key positions.  Today our team consists of 20+ full-time employees and a large seasonal crew providing service in 10 states.

With this transformation also came industry recognition.  In 2010, we made our first appearance on the list of ASCA Top 100 Snow Contractors in North America, coming in at #38.  Five short years later, we ranked 7th on their 2015 list.  In 2019, we achieved our highest ranking ever, #5 of the Top 100 Snow Companies in North America. 

Most notably, in 2019 Snow and Ice Management Company proudly became one of only 20 snow companies in North America to be ISO SN 9001:2016 Certified. We were also recognized as one of Pittsburgh’s “Fast 50” Growing Companies.

While thankful for all the awards and recognition, we have kept our focus on what made us successful--our love for plowing snow, high levels of responsiveness, prioritizing customer service, and working hard. Through the years our staff members have collaborated to make consistent improvements to our policies and procedures, and this spirit of constant evaluation and improvement continues today. This is a true blue-collar, Pittsburgh success story.   

Chuck has over 25 years of experience in the snow industry, and over 10 years leading Snow and Ice Management Company.  Chuck is proud to say that we still service a few of the accounts that he plowed as an 18-year old kid.  Chuck stills loves to plow snow, and he has instilled this passion in his company.  We ARE Snow and Ice Management Company, and We Know Snow!