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Snow equipment clearing snow outside of Steeler's football stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Snow and Ice Management Company

We Take The Worry Out Of Your Winter

Commercial Snow Plowing

Ice Management and Mitigation

Snow Stacking, Snow Hauling, and Snow Melting

Snow and Ice Management Company serves commercial properties in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, and Indiana.

Company pickup truck with plow and salter plowing snow alongside Artic Sno-Pusher in large commercial parking lot as snow falls from the sky

Who We Are

Snow and Ice Management Company is a commercial snow contractor offering zero-tolerance snow removal services. Our years of experience provides the reliability and efficiency needed to keep your property safe and accessible during winter storms.

Vector snowflake with two half-circles htat represent the company icon

Why Choose Us

Reliable Snow Removal

The team at Snow and Ice Management Company is equipped with cutting-edge snow plowing, deicer, and snow hauling equipment to ensure that your property is cleared of snow and ice quickly and efficiently.

Customized Services

We understand that each property is unique, and we offer tailored snow and ice management services to meet your specific needs.

High Quality Materials

We only use high-quality ice melting materials that are effective in even the harshest winter conditions, ensuring that your property remains safe and accessible.

Experienced Team

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and reliable snow and ice management services to our clients.

Snow-covered roads being plowed during snow storm as seen from the snow plow driver's persepective


Consistently ranked among the Top 10 of the 100 Snow Contractors in North America

Plow truck sitting in front of huge snow mound in commercial parking lot


Partner with ISNetworld for Quality, Safety, and Regulatory Compliance

Our Services

Detailed icy snowflake with blue overlay

Work With Us

Graphic of states in Snow and Ice Management Company's service area, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maryland

At Snow and Ice Management Company, our customers' snow removal needs are our priority. We ensure consistent availability throughout the winter season in each of the regions we serve, including: 

  • 24/7 Call Center

  • 24/7 access to weather updates from accurate and dependable meterological services

  • Track and record progress of response teams in real-time using CrewTracker

  • Operations Managers in every region to oversee service during snow events

  • Local crews in every service area to execute on snow and ice remediation

What Our Clients Say

“Snow and Ice Management Company always comes through in a pinch. They’re very time conscious as far as what they get done and how they get it done. They’re on-site before we are to keep our property clear. We know that we can rely on them for dependable, respectable, and responsible snow removal services.”

Tom McFadden

Waterford Nevillewood Luxury Apartments

“It’s a priority of ours to have good company that maintains a hazardous-free environment for us during the winter months. Snow and Ice Management Company does just that. They watch the weather and take care of our sidewalks to ensure that our employees and visitors have a safe and clean environment to access our facilities.”

James McCullough

American Eagle Outfitters

“Since working with Snow and Ice Management Company, we’ve had worry-free winters. They provide snow removal services for our sidewalks, common areas, and parking lots during snowstorms. They’re very reliable for around-the-clock services and utilize proper equipment and material to effectively eliminate slips and falls.”

Susan Lesczynski

Walnut Capital Real Estate Services, Inc.

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