January 2018 Winter Forecast


In the past few years, January has surprised the East Coast with a few heavy snow storms. Don't get caught off guard! Snow and Ice Management guarantees that all of our clients receive snow removal and ice control services all winter.

WeatherWorks' January 2018 winter weather forecast anticipates that this January will be cold enough to produce snow throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

WeatherWorks' January 2018 Snow and Temperature Forecast

  • Cold weather is expected to back off, with conditions becoming milder as far north as New England.
  • The storm track continues to target the southern Great Lakes through New England (including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Ohio).
  • Even with milder conditions overall, January will be cold enough to product snowfall, especially farther north and in higher elevations.
  • Chicago through Detroit will likely remain on the colder side, which may push snowfall into higher numbers.
  • The southern mid-Atlantic and Southeast will experience milder conditions with low precipitation for the month.