Farmer's Almanac predicts a tough winter. Be ready with great service from Snow & Ice Mgmt Co.


snow management | snow plowing | snow and ice managementWhy You Should Hire Snow & Ice Management for Your Snow Removal & Deicing Needs

  • Regionally Servicing 7 States:  PA, OH, WV, VA, MD, DE & NJ.
  • 24/7 Call Center. Snow & Ice Management is always available for you!
  • Localized Operations Managers checking sites during snow events for reliable & quality service.
  • Access to Weather Works Meteorologist Services, which provide 24/7 weather updates from a live person by region.
  • Utilizes Crew Tracker:  Real time technology tracks & records progress of the site. The customer can login anytime & get a status update of their property.
  • Timely invoicing after each snow event.
  • Proud owner of "The Salt Factory"! Customer never has to worry about a salt shortage. 
  • Snow & Ice Management focuses on Snow 365 days a year. We are continually being educated in new snow technology for efficiencies so we can pass on the savings to the customer.