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Two members of Snow and Ice Management Company crew standing in-front of pickup truck and two front loaders as they await snow storm

At Snow and Ice Management Company, we understand the importance of transparency and effective communication when it comes to providing snow removal and deicing services. That's why we utilize CrewTracker software to log and track the completion of each snow removal and deicing service on your property.

With CrewTracker, our clients have real-time access to detailed information about the services performed. You can easily see the date and time when each service was completed, ensuring transparency and accountability. This allows you to stay informed and have a clear record of the services completed on your property.

In addition to tracking service completion, CrewTracker also provides other valuable features. It allows us to document any observations or issues during the service, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. This helps us provide comprehensive and thorough snow storm management services on your property.

Furthermore, CrewTracker enables effective communication between our team and our clients. If there are any specific instructions or requests, you can easily communicate them through the software. This ensures that our team is aware of your needs and can address them accordingly.

We are committed to using technology to enhance our services and provide the best possible snow and ice management to our clients. CrewTracker is just one example of how we leverage software to streamline our operations and improve communication.

Learn more about our snow storm management services or contact us to discuss your project today.

CrewTracker software logo

Snow and Ice Management Company requires all services to be logged in real time using CREWTRACKER SOFTWARE. This process ensures proper record of when services are performed and when they are monitored by our Operations Management Team. Regardless of how your property is being cleared — by snow plow, hauling, or deicing, — real time data is captured within our database and is easily accessible to customers of Snow and Ice Management Company.


Because this information is stored indefinitely, details will be available (as needed) should it be needed for historical service documentation requests.

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