February 2018 Winter Forecast


February is usually one of the coldest, snowiest months of the year. That means your business needs to have a plan for snow removal and ice management -- including a guaranteed supply of salt! WeatherWork's February 2018 Snow and Temperature Forecast The Southeast Ridge may bring warmer temperatures to the mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Ohio Valley. Only the Upper Midwest is expected...Read More

January 2018 Winter Forecast


In the past few years, January has surprised the East Coast with a few heavy snow storms. Don't get caught off guard! Snow and Ice Management guarantees that all of our clients receive snow removal and ice control services all winter. WeatherWorks' January 2018 winter weather forecast anticipates that this January will be cold enough to produce snow throughout the Northeast and...Read More

December 2017 Winter Forecast


WeatherWorks' December 2017 Forecast is now available. December marks the beginning of winter, and the beginning of true winter weather. We use these predictions to help us understand weather patterns, then anticipate when and where snow removal services will be necessary. WeatherWorks' December 2017 Winter Weather Forecast December's coldest conditions are expected to be...Read More

October/November 2017 Winter Forecast


Snow and temperature predictions for November 2017, courtesy of WeatherWorks. WeatherWorks has provided us with their 2017-2018 winter forecast. We will give you an inside look into their data, modeling and predictions for the monthly weather predictions. These predictions are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, but should give you an idea of when to expect winter weather. If you need...Read More

Last Call For Snow Removal Contracts for Winter 2017 and 2018!


In mid-November, Snow and Ice Removal will stop accepting new contract clients for the 2017-2018 winter season! If you are still researching commercial snow removal contractors, we urge you to get in touch with us soon! After November, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to serve your business when snow and ice strike. Please call or contact us for information about our services and...Read More

Snowfall Predictions for Winter 2017-2018


WeatherWorks has provided us with estimates for snowfall for winter 2017-2018. Based on previous years' weather conditions and snowfall levels, plus information about likely weather patterns for 2017-2018, WeatherWorks estimates the likelihood of different annual snowfall ranges in major cities throughout the Northeast. Although we're disappointed not to see our home-city of Pittsburgh...Read More

How Do Snow Removal Contracts Work?


Snow and Ice Management tries to stay flexible to best serve our snow removal contract clients. That's why we provide a variety of snow removal services and contract options. Below are the typical snow removal agreements our clients agree to. We invite you to contact us if you have unique circumstances. Per Push - A Per Push Contract is available for businesses who prefer to pay each...Read More

Plan Ahead for Snow Removal Service and Ice Control


You may not be able to predict when or how much snow will fall this winter, but one thing is certain: the snow will fall. When it does, it could disrupt your business operations, causing loss of revenue, time and energy. Clearing the snow and preventing ice on your property is important to keep your business, employees and customers safe. During the summer and fall, we build a list of...Read More

Farmer's Almanac predicts a tough winter. Be ready with great service from Snow & Ice Mgmt Co.


Why You Should Hire Snow & Ice Management for Your Snow Removal & Deicing Needs Regionally Servicing 7 States: PA, OH, WV, VA, MD, DE & NJ. 24/7 Call Center. Snow & Ice Management is always available for you! Localized Operations Managers checking sites during snow events for reliable & quality service. Access to Weather Works Meteorologist Services, which provide...Read More

Plan for Winter Now & Save on Saltings Later when You Sign with Snow & Ice Mgmt by September 5th, 2017!


Note: This offer has now expired. The snow will be here before we know it. Snow and Ice Management is working to ensure you have a safe and risk-free winter season. By signing early, we can lock in pricing with our vendors, secure the necessary salt supply and pass the savings onto you. As an added bonus, we are offering 2 free saltings to all customers who sign by Sept 5th, 2017!...Read More

"Cold Conditions Are Back" Almanac Warns of 2017-2018 Winter


After two years of tepid winters, the Northeast should prepare for the return of bitter winter weather, according to the Farmer's Almanac. Though fall is still more than a month away, the Farmer's Almanac has developed its predictions using a proprietary algorithm created in 1818. This year, it says to expect a freezing, snowy winter for Pennsylvania and the Northeast, including Ohio,...Read More

WINTER 2016 – 2017


WINTER 2016 – 2017: WHAT STARTED AS A BALMY RERUN OF PREVIOUS YEARS ACROSS THE NORTHEAST SAW ITS UPS AND DOWNS END WITH WINTER STORM STELLA The 2015 - 2016 winter season produced the least amount of snow on record, while this year was a mixed bag in the Northeast. Some cities came in below average, while other areas in the Snow and Ice Management Company (SIMCO) service footprint were...Read More

Snow Magazine Feature: "Why didn’t someone tell me?"


Chuck Lantzman of the Snow and Ice Management Company was quoted in a recent Snow Magazine feature. The article asked snow industry veterans to reflect on what they wish they had known when they started out in the commercial snow management business. Although our team now spans 7 East Coast and Mid-Atlantic states, we had to start somewhere. And when our president Chuck Lantzman started out, he...Read More

Snow and Ice Management Company Ranks #6 in SNOW Magazine’s 2016 Top 100 Snow Contractors


Snow Magazine received a record number of submissions from the snow and ice management industry for this year’s Top 100 list. Here’s a little background on how Snow Magazine conducted the process of collecting the 2016 Top 100 data. This year, as early as mid-March, notices began going out to last year’s Top 100 companies to begin compiling their total winter revenue and to...Read More

La Niña and the East Coast: Winter '16-'17


Depending on your perspective, the '15-'16 winter season was either great or terrible: great if you never had to scrape ice off of your car, terrible if you love snow like we do! The unseasonably warm, low-snow winter was due to El Niño. But the '16-'17 winter season is expected to be a La Niña season. While it's too early to make forecasts about what weather...Read More

Snow Removal Contracts and Preparing for Winter


Winter is coming. There is no denying that within the next six months, flurries will start to fall and the temperatures will drop. In the sweltering heat of a Northeastern summer, it can be easy to forget about winter. When it's 90 degrees and humid, the last thing on your mind is how to prepare your business for a winter storm. But here's the reality: summer is the most valuable time...Read More

2015 – 2016: The Winter That Almost Wasn't, Until Snowzilla Stomped In


After a warmer than usual November 2015 yielded many days in the 70s and 80s along the east coast, December followed suit, delivering record-shattering highs on Christmas Eve, which could have been celebrated as a day at the beach for some. For the first ten days of 2016, the New Year cruised in to continued, unseasonably warm weather. Then on January 12th, a clipper system sailed in bringing a...Read More

Prepping for the Freeze: Crews work to remove snow, salt roads


The combination of dipping temperatures and light snowfall can cause havoc for morning commutes. Between February 9 and 10, temperatures dipped below freezing and a dusting of snow began to accumulate on roads, creating conditions for a slippery drive. The Snow and Ice Management team were in action, plowing and salting to ensure that drivers would have a safe morning commute. WTAE News...Read More

Stocking Up: Pittsburghers Prepare for Snow


January 11 marked the first snowfall of 2016, and with the first flurries came a flurry of salt-buying and snow-plowing. After an initially warm and flake-free winter, Pittsburghers dashed out to get the staples: bread, milk, shovels and snow-melting rock salt. Pittsburgh's WTAE News Team interviewed our own Chuck Lantzman about how quickly the Snow and Ice Management Team is able to...Read More

Salt Factory teams up with Susan G. Komen in Pittsburgh


Are you interested in purchasing snow and ice melt that will benefit a good cause? Our sister company, the Salt Factory, has set up a wonderful promotion that will directly benefit you and a great, local organization this winter. When you purchase SIMCO Melt, a portion of each sale will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund in Pittsburgh. This organization is passionate about...Read More

Case Study: Logistics Firm Endorses Snow and Ice Management


In this Case Study Video from Snow and Ice Management Company (SIMCO) talks about snow plowing and deicing services to a logistic company’s Philadelphia yard. An example is given of how SIMCO came to the rescue during a particularly nasty winter storm that sent the yard employees, and drivers, home so SIMCO could come in and clear all the snow and ice by...Read More

Case Study: Hotel Suites Use Snow and Ice Management


In this Case Study Video from Snow and Ice Management Company (SIMCO) we hear from two general managers from two different national hotel suite chains discussing the benefits of working with one of the largest and most respected winter risk management companies. The first testimonial comes from a hotel suite located near the Pittsburgh Airport and focuses on how SIMCO...Read More

Case Study: Cleveland Parking Garage Endorses Snow and Ice Management


In this Case Study Video from Snow and Ice Management Company (SIMCO) we sent a camera crew to Cleveland, OH, to check out this very attractive, modern parking garage that doesn't even look like a parking garage. Known as the 800 Superior Garage, the parking management company hired SIMCO to provide snow removal and ice control to the rooftop, exit and entrance...Read More

Case Study: State and City Offices in Baltimore Use SIMCO


In this Case Study Video from Snow and Ice Management Company (SIMCO) we sat down with the property manager of the Eastside State Complex in Baltimore, MD. This complex houses two state agencies, the Eastside District Court and the Department of Social Services for the City of Baltimore. SIMCO is responsible for clearing the snow and applying deicing material on nine...Read More

SIMCO's "Snow Dragon" Heads to Buffalo, NY to Help


Snow and Ice Management Company was recently featured on WTAE Pittsburgh's Action News, CBS Pittsburgh and Trib Total Media. With the massive accumulation of snowfall to the North in Buffalo, New York, Snow and Ice Management Company was contracted to help with the removal of the influx of precipitation on the Ralph Wilson Stadium. By using a machine dubbed, "the Snow...Read More

SIMCO Featured on WTAE to Discuss Rock Salt This Season


Snow and Ice Management Company's Chuck Lantzman was recently on WTAE Pittsburgh's Action News to discuss purchasing salt for the upcoming winter. "When most people are enjoying the summer, we're out dealing with snow and ice and getting ready for the winter," says Lantzman. Chuck says that most salt in his warehouse at the moment is already purchased by customers. If...Read More

Snow and Ice Management Company Makes Snow Magazine’s 2014 Top 100 Snow Companies List


The professional snow and ice management industry recognized and honored its top-performing companies during the 2014 Executive Summit. This year’s list of the top 100 performing snow and ice management companies is a testament to the solid season the snow states experienced during Winter 2013-14, and we at Snow and Ice Management Company couldn’t more pleased to have made the list...Read More

Salt, or lack thereof


Snow Magazine recently posted an article on the salt shortage that struck us last winter. While we are currently enjoying the summer weather and winter isn't even an afterthought, if you haven't started looking for salt yet, you might be out luck! "The bad news? The salt shortage is far from over. Mines and suppliers will simply not have everyone replenished by the time this winter...Read More

Snow and Ice Management Company Exhibits at SIMA


Attending the 2014 SIMA Show this year in Columbus, Ohio was a different experience for us at Snow and Ice Management Company. Different because instead of simply attending, we were exhibiting as well. You see, from our humble beginnings as a Greater Pittsburgh snow contractor, we now are 7-states strong with a network of dedicated service providers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware,...Read More

Snow and Ice Management Featured in Post Gazette


This past winter proved to be truly brutal with a continuous barrage of snow storms in the Northeast United States. With a city-wide shortage of rock salt, Snow and Ice Management Company quickly became the central hub for the increase in winter weather removal demands. "His business plan is to create a one-stop shop where he can supply whatever commercial clients need: salt, brine and...Read More

2013-2014: The Winter That Certainly Was


While some have said they had worse snowfall accumulations in years past, or others stated they’ve lived through even colder temperatures, 2013 - 2014 was seen by most to have been a tough, long winter. Period. In the beginning, there was a seasonal forecast. NOAA predicted last October that temperatures would be above normal from November through January across much of the Lower 48...Read More